The Lost Art of Oz is dedicated to finding and preserving the original illustrative art created for The Wizard of Oz book series. Most of this art has been missing since the early 20th century.

Uniting Oz enthusiasts with institutions, libraries and private collectors, The Lost Art of Oz celebrates the genius behind the beloved story, and encourages the continued valuing and preservation of children's literature illustration. Help find the art!

THE WIZ, scenic design concept art by Tom John (1975).

The Journey Towards "Home" - A Look How Time and Space Influence Our Stories is a program of The Arts of Imagination Foundation that allows audiences a hands-on experience of original story art to explore the questions:

How do we, as a culture, continue to create and /or recreate our stories, which for many suggest our heritage, our culture, and our identity?

Is it better to preserve art and stories, or to update art and stories and why?

When we reinterpret a story, why is that important? What does it say about us as individuals - our beliefs and how we see the world?