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Charlotte's Web cover


The Arts of Imagination Foundation has launched an exciting campaign to acquire Garth Williams' original artwork for the cover of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web.  Join us in our crusade to preserve this iconic American illustration and beloved story for generations past, present, and yet to come.

"First Night"


The Arts of Imagination Foundation has unveiled an inspiring collaboration with Child Development Institute and 11:11 PROJECTS, aiming to infuse the magic of timeless stories into the hearts of underserved children in Los Angeles County. Anchored by the mesmerizing First Night painting by William Rochfort, which immortalizes the debut of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, this initiative seeks to reinforce the transformative power of stories by nurturing creativity and dreams in young minds, especially as communities rally from pandemic hardships.



In a guest lecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Brady Schwind from The Arts of Imagination Foundation used original concept art from The Wiz to explore cultural storytelling. Students were encouraged to reinterpret the story through their own cultural lenses. Preparations are underway for a virtual reality experience at UNC's "Charl-Oz" Festival in autumn 2024, where attendees can explore and enrich 3D renditions of the original artwork.

Recovering The Lost Art of OZ

The Oz book series, featuring remarkable illustrations by W.W. Denslow and John R. Neill, captivated generations. Tragically, much of the original artwork was lost due to neglect and mishandling. In 2018, we launched The Lost Art of Oz initiative to locate and document the surviving art, paying tribute to the talented illustrators and promoting the appreciation and preservation of Children's Literature Illustration.

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What real-life serial killer inspired the Hon. John Collier's artistic masterpiece, The Laboratory?  Join Laura Mathis at Christie's in New York City as she takes us behind the scenes of "The Affair of the Poisons" and the murderous Madame de Brinvilliers, whose vengeful ambition shocked a nation, both in her own time and in a painting that rocked traditional Victorian morals.

Arts of Imagination

The Arts of Imagination Foundation preserves timeless stories and their inspired artwork, elevating our understanding of their cultural influence. We achieve this through the study, acquisition, and exhibition of related materials, as well as through supporting storytelling via scholarships, commissions, and multigenerational learning events.

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