AOIF reveals “First Night” collaboration with CDI

The Arts of Imagination Foundation is excited to announce a new collaboration with the Child Development Institute and 11:11 PROJECTS. This initiative will bring the participatory experience of fine art and interactive programming centered on the reflexive power of timeless stories to children and families in underserved communities of Los Angeles County.

The Arts of Imagination Foundation (AOIF) recently commissioned celebrated artist William Rochfort to create First Night, an epic, large-scale oil painting that captures the creative energy of the first-ever performance of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, which premiered at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre in 1904. It was at this Christmas Eve performance that Peter Pan instantly became one of the world’s most beloved stories. Peter Pan’s themes, which explore synergies between childhood and adulthood perspectives, continue to powerfully resonate.

"First Night"

Engaging in fine arts and the stories of our cultures is a meaningful and personally empowering conduit for connecting and strengthening local communities. This is sorely needed as we heal and recover from the pandemic, and navigate economic and social challenges. This engagement provides significant enrichment for children’s individual growth. Yet frequently, children in underserved communities do not have the same exposure to and engagement in fine arts as their peers in wealthier areas. Children everywhere need the same chance to feed their imaginations, develop their creativity, and inspire hopes and dreams.

Starting in October 2023, Child Development Institute and 11:11 PROJECTS will join the artist of First Night, Will Rochfort, and AOIF’s Executive Director, Brady Schwind, for a series of rich discussions and activities that center around the importance of art in children’s development, and how it impacts creativity throughout their lifespan.